Texas A&M University, 2006

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Functional lymphatic imaging in health and disease

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Functional lymphatic imaging in health and disease

The lymphatics play vital roles in edema prevention, immune surveillance, lymphocyte circulation, as well as fluid/protein homeostasis.  All of these functions may require a regulated lymph flow and the alteration of these functions can cause obesity, edema, as well as other diseases.  Despite its importance in the physiological and pathophysiological conditions, non-invasive imaging of lymphatic function has significant difficulties, due mainly to the lack of diagnostic imaging approaches.  Recently, we have developed for the first time novel, non-invasive and quantitative NIR fluorescence imaging with sufficient temporal resolution to assess lymphatic contractile function in normal mice with intradermal injection of indocyanine green (ICG).  In addition, we have demonstrated (i) a unique lymphatic phenotype in lymphedema-like transgenic mice and (ii) changes of lymphatic architecture and contractile function in response to tumor progression and metastasis.

The knowledge gained with the above studies will help to better understand the connections in health and disease that impacts the lymphatic system, and to efficiently use our new understandings of lymphatic biology to identify and better manage diseases in which the lymphatics play a role.

Other direction of my scientific interests is molecular imaging of cancer and inflammation.  The Center for Molecular Imaging is developing and translating molecular imaging agents, which are dual-labeled with a PET/SPECT radiotracer and a NIR fluorescent dye.


Publication Information


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