Visitor Program

The Visitor Program has been suspended currently until further notice

Our center welcomes visiting colleagues and students from across the United States and around the world for research, educational collaboration, observation, and study.

Visitor Categories

  • Observer– Individuals who observe university operations for their own educational or training purposes.  The duration of the observation period is limited to no more than two months in any one division/department.
  • Pre-Baccalaureate Trainee-High school or undergraduate students who seek hands-on training and experience in preparation for a health sciences education.  Pre-Baccalaureate Trainees receive specific training in research and health education, appropriate to their educational qualifications.
  • Professional Trainee-Professionals who hold an undergraduate or higher degree and seek additional hands-on training in the health sciences.  Professional Trainees receive specific training in research and health education,  appropriate to their educational qualifications.
  • Visiting Student Trainee-Students who receive hands-on training from UTHealth faculty and staff, but are not registered and enrolled in a course at UTHealth. Hands on training only applies to the aspects of research. To be qualified for this category, the Visiting Student Trainee must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree program at another institution and the training at UTHealth must fulfill an educational requirement of that program. A letter from your institution is required.
  • Visiting Scientist– Scientists who collaborate with UTHealth faculty and staff while being employed and paid by another institution. The Visiting Scientist may not perform patient care but may observe clinical practices, conduct research, perform data collection, and participate in other hands-on activities. An Agreement may be required before the visit can begin.