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TMC Library appoints Liaison Librarian for Med School

TMC Library

Amy Taylor of TMC Library is Liaison Librarian for the McGovern Medical School. The LRC has arranged for Amy to be available in the Leather Lounge each Wednesday from 11 am to 2 pm. At other times, feel free to contact her at the TMC Library.
Amy will provide person-to-person consultations for students, faculty, and staff. These can range from providing information to advice on conducting systematic reviews. With the introduction of new curriculum in the McGovern Medical School, explosion of medical knowledge and advances in information technology, this will be a great resource to have available and to learn about accessing relevant information more efficiently and developing life-long learning skills.

Medical Students, faculty and staff may contact Amy for help with any of the following:

  • Instruction on accessing library resources
  • Library orientations & customized classes by request
  • Literature searches
  • Research consultations
  • Systematic reviews
  • Creating research guides on specific topics
  • Requests for new electronic journals, databases or eBooks
  • Citation management for papers





App for mobilePDR: Free to Health Sciences Libraries, Students and Faculty

Drug information app from PDR, publisher of Physicians’ Desk Reference – source for drug prescribing information. Further details in: http://www.pdr.net/resources/mobilePDR/

Visit: LRC Instructional Resources for app downloading instruction


Remote Access to Care4


Medical students have remote access to Memorial Hermann’s Care4. You may access Care4 from any computer in the LRC (shortcut on desktop) or from elsewhere at the following web address: https://mhconnect.mhhs.org

You must use Internet Explorer to gain access to this website. Remote access is to Care4 only, without PACS, which can only be accessed from within Memorial Hermann-TMC.


Secure Texting between MSIIIs, MSIVs and Residents during Clinical Rotations

TigertextMSIII and MSIV students should download an application from TigerText to their mobile device(s) and use it to send/receive encrypted and HIPAA compliant text messages, etc. Texting offered by wireless service providers and social media sites does not have the necessary security controls and should not be used for communication of sensitive information. UTHealth is making this application free-of-charge to all MSIII, MSIV and Residents.

To start using TigerText, follow these steps:

  • Open the TigerText Terms of Use Acknowledgement page.
  • Follow instructions to complete the following:
    • Accept TigerText terms of use.
    • Receive a temporary password.
    • Install AirWatch.
    • Install TigerText.
    • Change the assigned password to one of your own choice.

For more information, visit the TigerText page.




In place of Epocrates, which has discontinued its free subscription for medical students, TMC Library recommends an online and searchable database called Micromedex: http://library.tmc.edu/resources/

Several Micromedex apps area also available: Micromedex Drug Reference, Micromedex Drug Interactions, and Micromedex compatibility. All these are part of TMC Library’s subscription and each has its own unlock code. Instructions for apps are available through “Download Mobile Apps” on Micromedex home page under Resources.

A quick review of Micromedex may found at: http://www.imedicalapps.com/2015/06/alternative-epocrates/

For TMC Library’s complete guide to pharmacy resources, go to: http://libguides.library.tmc.edu/c.php?g=89826&p=579996

For questions or more details, please contact Emily Couvilon, McGovern Medical School’s Liaison Librarian, at 713-799-7166


LRC UptoDate

UpToDate is available to all clinicians, staff, residents, fellows, and students at UTHealth and Memorial Hermann at: http://www.uptodate.com/contents/search

Users may access the system via any internal hospital or clinic computer as well through phone/tablet app or from home computer. Once logged in to the UTHealth domain, users will be able to register with UpToDate, receive their UN/PW from UpToDate  and activate the mobile app with it.  While in the UTHealth domain, UTHealth employees and students can just click on the login/register button to set up UpToDate.

Register for a username and password to get mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows 8 devices. To register an account, visit: https://www.uptodate.com/login-register

To access from the web, visit : http://www.uptodate.com/contents/search

For iPhone App, visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uptodate/id334265345?mt=8

For Android App, Visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uptodate.android&hl=en

For Windows App, Visit: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/uptodate/8d4b67a6-2939-4ac8-b78d-8c8825483511

Art Gallery

Students are invited to exhibit their artwork, including photographs, paintings, etc. in the LRC Art Gallery. In most cases, the LRC will provide picture frames and assist with the reproduction of digital images. Please call 713.500.5146 for further details.

New Instructional Resources

Newer editions of core texts, course syllabi, and instructional resources have recently been added to the collection. Students are encouraged to come behind the circulation to browse the collection. Recommendations for additions to the collection are welcomed.