Research in Dragoi lab on cortical populations published in Neuron

January 20, 2022

Photo of Dr. Chelaru and Dr. Dragoi

Research from the lab of Valentin Dragoi, PhD, Rochelle and Max Levit Distinguished Professor in the Neurosciences, studying neuronal interactions in visual and prefrontal cortical areas has been published in Neuron.

First author for the paper, titled “High-order interaction explain the collective behavior of cortical populations in executive but not sensory areas,” is Mircea Chelaru, PhD. Co-authors include Sarah Eagleman, PhDAriana Andrei, PhD; Russel Milton; and Natasha Kharas, MD, PhD.

“Information in neural populations is believed to be encoded in the collective activity of highly interconnected neural networks,” the authors wrote. “Describing the collective behavior of neural populations is a challenging task whose complexity is exacerbated by the combinatorial explosion of possible cell responses as the size of the population increases.”

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