The Houston Texans’ most important defender

November 20, 2018

“Maybe any doctor would have diagnosed Quessenberry.

Courtesy of Houston Texans

Maybe any doctor would have found the tumor in Wade Phillips’ kidney.

Maybe any doctor quickly would have diagnosed Gary Kubiak with a transient ischemic attack.

Maybe any doctor would have helped save Astros first base coach Rich Dauer’s life despite the odds.

Maybe any doctor would have discovered the lymphoma in Andre Hal’s armpit and abdomen.

Maybe. . . .

But Muntz isn’t any doctor. He was their doctor, the right doctor in the right place at the right time with the right diagnosis.

“Put me down as one of those believers [in Muntz] for sure,” said Phillips, now the Rams’ defensive coordinator. “He saved my life.””


To read more about Dr. James Muntz and his impact on all patients specifically Houston’s most valuable players click here–


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