About the Concussion Program

The Concussion Program is designed not only to provide the highest quality care in the event of a concussion, but also to bringing educational resources to the community. With a focus on both education and treatment, the concussion specialists at UT and Memorial Hermann are committed to preventing injury and minimizing the damage once a concussion has occurred.

Our team provides concussion awareness training for Houston area physicians, athletes, coaches, school nurses, and parents to learn to recognize the signs and symptoms. In addition to providing on-field evaluation tools, our trained specialists provide baseline testing. These neurocognitive exams are administered by trained specialists in both paper and pencil and computerized form and facilitate comparison pre and post injury.

The dedicated concussion program provides direct access to medical experts for the treatment of head injuries and concussion evaluation and management. Treatments include personalized return-to-play guidelines, academic and work modifications, and medication management when necessary.