Observers, Trainees & Visiting Scientists

UTHealth welcomes visiting colleagues and students (minimum 16 years old) from across the United States and around the world for research and educational collaboration, observation, and study.

A Visitor is an individual who, though uncompensated by UTHealth, is given access to UTHealth property, facilities and/or information systems, at the discretion of UTHealth, for a specific period of time for collaborative or educational purposes. Visitors may not perform any patient care. Visitors are not considered employees, and are not entitled to wages or benefits.

To apply for one of the visitor categories listed below, the Applicant must identify a Faculty Sponsor at UTHealth.  An initial email of request should be sent to the department indicating your request to observer, the dates and the faculty sponsor.  After approval by the faculty sponsor, the observer is required to complete the application and return it with all required documents to the program coordinator’s office.  Once all paperwork has been received, the application will be submitted to the Office of Global Initiatives for review and approval.  After approval has been received, the applicant will receive an email notification of the next steps.

The Office of EVPCAO requires at least eight (8) weeks to review and process applications.

  • Applications must be typed
  • All fields completed
  • Proposed dates: no past dates, start date in a reasonable timeframe
  • All required documents must be included with the application
  • Review process will be delayed if the application is incomplete

Application Fees for Foreign Observers and Professional Trainees

An application processing fee ($750.00 USD if paid by money order or $775.00 USD if paid by wire transfer) will be charged to all Foreign Observers and Foreign Professional Trainees. Please see the application for specific details.

This process applies to five categories of visitors.

  1. Observers
  2. Pre-Baccalaureate Trainees
  3. Professional Trainees
  4. Visiting Student Trainees
  5. Visiting Scientists

Please visit the website below for additional information and the application:

Submit the initial request to the Residency Office to the attention of Lindsey Hale at