Medical Students


The department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine plays an integral part in preparing medical students for their clinical years. Histology and pathology are integrated into the first- and second-year curriculum in a systems-based manner, enhancing students’ understanding of the various disease processes.

Pathology Electives (For Medical Students/Visiting Students)

Electives are strongly encouraged for individuals considering careers in pathology and laboratory medicine; however, they are also beneficial for students entering surgical and general medical specialties.  Electives are available to third and fourth-year students in anatomic pathology(4001) and clinical pathology (4007), and forensic pathology (Path 4010). These electives are designed to provide exposure to the daily activities of the department by having students rotate through the different sub-specialties and attend teaching conferences.

3rd Year Pathology Elective

Anatomic Pathology (3030) This third-year elective will introduce students to the field of anatomic and clinical pathology (the latter is observation only based on LBJ experience).  This elective will focus on general gross pathology as well as on the organization of a pathology service and pathological-clinical interaction.

4th Year Pathology Electives

Anatomic Pathology (4001) This elective encompasses autopsy pathology, surgical pathology, and cytopathology. 3 student slots available for each one month rotation.

Clinical Pathology (4007) This elective includes hematopathology/coagulation, microbiology, chemistry, immunopathology, and transfusion medicine/blood banking. 3 student slots available for each one month rotation.

Forensic Pathology (4010) Students may also spend a month at the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office to witness the practice of forensic pathology. 1 student slot available for each one month rotation.

Availability is limited, so request permission as soon as possible. If you are a visiting student that is interested in taking one of the Pathology Electives, you must contact Student Affairs to get approval.