Clinical Services

Services Offered

Our Electron Microscopy Laboratory performs resin processing and sectioning for clinical ultrastructural examination. The primary goal of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory is to provide high quality ultrastructural images for diagnostic examination and interpretation.

Through the use of our highly specialized instrumentation we provide essential diagnostic interpretation of renal, neurological, and surgical specimens to patients in the Texas Medical Center and surrounding areas.

Resin embedded specimens are semi-thin sectioned and stained with toluidine blue for preliminary light microscopy evaluation.

Once an appropriate block has been selected, ultra-thin sections are taken and screened for diagnostic interpretation.

*Nerve biopsy specimens submitted for Electron Microscopy also include nerve fiber teasing preparations.

Along with Electron Microscopy services, renal and neurological biopsy studies include light microscopy, immunofluorescence, histochemical, and immunohistochemical studies, which are coordinated through the Histopathology Laboratory.

Imaging Systems

Our EM facility houses two high quality Leica Ultramicrotomes for the delicate and sensitive preparation of both semi and ultra thin sections. These sections are stained and screened on our JEOL 1200EX Electron Microscope.

The EM scope is equipped with a Gatan Digital Imaging System. This sophisticated system allows our laboratory to digitally acquire cell structures of patient biopsies to ultimately aid in pathological diagnosis for our staff pathologist.

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