The MD/MBA is a combined degree program sponsored by McGovern Medical School and the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

The MD/MBA program will prepare students to compete and succeed in a changing health care environment. The Prototype Course Schedule for the MD/MBA provides a recommended course sequence for students to successfully earn a MD/ MBA in 4 or 5 years. Shared credit hours, summer coursework, and online class availability allows students the necessary flexibility to couple their medical school education with highly sought business acumen.

When do I apply to the MD/MBA program?

Application to the program can be accomplished at any point in your medical school career. However it is strongly suggested that you do this as soon as possible and in the most ideal scenario this commitment is made prior to you beginning your first classes at McGovern Medical School. This approach ensures that we map out the best program for your priorities.

Everyone’s individual circumstances are different. Our “standard” curriculum displayed on the website displays all requirements and suggested sequencing. A 4 year version utilizes the student’s summers and some elective time to complete the MBA requirements. The 5 year version completes all MBA requirements during a contiguous 12 month period. This latter approach allows the student to participate in the traditional medical school options which might include special summer projects or participation in research endeavors.

We have designed the MBA curriculum to integrate with the MD curriculum. The program is designed to award both degrees at the end of the 4-5 year period. Efficiency is gained by the University of Houston accepting some medical school course credits toward the MBA degree and by UTHealth allowing some electives to be taken in areas applicable to the MBA degree.

How do I apply to the MD/MBA program?

Please coordinate with the Student Affairs Office at McGovern Medical School.  They will designate you as a dual degree candidate and assure that you are in academic good standing.  Application to UHCL can be made by utilizing their website.

If you have questions and/or plan to apply, please contact via email the McGovern Medical School Program Director, Dr. Michael W. Bungo for advice.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid for the program is administered independently by McGovern Medical School for the MD degree and by UHCL for the MBA degree.  Please investigate your particular needs and requirements with the respective institution(s).