Message from the Chair

As a basic science department in a research intensive medical school the major mission of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) is to conduct innovative and important biomedical research.  BMB is host to a diverse array of multidisciplinary research programs ranging from the analysis of molecules, membranes, mice and men.  Basic biomedical research is conducted in cell biology, structural biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology and neurobiology.  In addition, preclinical and translational research is carried out in areas of pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, visual disorders, and sickle cell disease.
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Upcoming Seminar

April 28, 2014

Speaker: Dr. John S. Olson
Affiliations: Ralph and Dorothy Looney Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Rice University, Houston, Texas
Presentation: “Transfusions, Hemolysis, Hypertension, and 46 Years of Hemoglobin Research”
Location: MSB 2.135
Host: Dr. John Putkey

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Latest News

Michael Blackburn named the William S. Kilroy Sr., Chair in Pulmonary Disease

Dr. Michael Blackburn has been named the William S. Kilroy Sr., Chair in Pulmonary Disease. Dr. Blackburn is world-renowned for his […]

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Welcome Darren Boehning!

BMB welcomes Darren Boehning  and his lab to UTHealth.  Dr. Boehning is an associate professor and joins us from UTMB. […]

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Spudich elected to serve as President of the IUPB

Dr. John Spudich has been elected to serve as President of the International Union of Photobiology (IUPB) by the IUPB […]

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Research from Spudich Lab featured in NSF article.

The National Science Foundation recently featured research from the Spudich laboratory on light-sensors in microorganisms. The NSF article (1) highlights […]

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Recent Publications

Non-mRNA 3′ end formation: how the other half lives

Peart N, Sataluri A, Baillat D, Wagner EJ. Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA. 2013 Sep-Oct;4(5):491-506.  2013 Jun 10. PMID:23754627

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The p97-UFD1L-NPL4 Protein Complex Mediates Cytokine-induced IκBα Proteolysis

Li JM, Wu H, Zhang W, Blackburn MR, Jin J.

Mol Cell Biol. 2013 Nov 18. [Epub ahead of print]

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Competing E3 ubiquitin ligases govern circadian periodicity by degradation of CRY in nucleus and cytoplasm.

Yoo SH, Mohawk JA, Siepka SM, Shan Y, Huh SK, Hong HK, Kornblum I, Kumar V, Koike N, Xu M, Nussbaum J, Liu X, Chen Z, Chen ZJ, Green CB, Takahashi JS.

Cell. 2013 Feb 28;152(5):1091-105. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2013.01.055.

PMID: 23452855

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