Research Workshops

Every Friday, 12:00 PM

BMB Research Workshop is a forum at which BMB students and postdoc can describe their research and develop their presentation skills. All BMB Program faculty, postdocs, and students are expected to participate in the weekly Research Workshops.

Presentations should cover one or more aspects of the speaker’s research. To leave time for questions and discussion, presentations should be timed to last no more than 45 min. Workshop presentations can serve as Advisory Committee progress report presentations or thesis defense presentations—just make sure arrangements are made for committee members to attend!

For graduate student talks, three reviewers (two other students and a faculty moderator) are assigned to confer briefly with the speaker after the seminar. These discussion sessions are intended as constructive feedback on areas where the presentation was effective and on areas where changes might improve future presentations. Reviewers  are encouraged to  take notes during the presentation! Reviewer worksheets are collected by the faculty moderator after the discussion session, but are not used for grading of student presentations.