UTHealth and the TMC

UTHealth Houston

UTHealth Houston is a biomedical academic institution located within the Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston. One of the largest medical facilities of its kind in the world, the Texas Medical Center consists of forty-one academic/research institutes and hospitals, providing unsurpassed opportunities to conduct basic, applied, and clinical research.

The UTHealth is a major part of the Texas Medical Center consisting of six components:

TMC Library

The Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library is the central library supported by a consortium of over twenty institutions. Its size ranks in the top ten percent of medical school libraries in the United States, housing over 200,000 monographs and journal volumes with over 3,200 current journal subscriptions and 3,600 audiovisual aids. Graduate students and other trainees have borrowing privileges at this library and a variety of specialized libraries within the Texas Medical Center and other nearby institutions.

Computer Facilities

Extensive computer facilities are available within the Texas Medical Center. Students and trainees have access to mainframe computers on campus and to the University of Texas supercomputers in Austin. In addition, access is provided to a broad array of information and services on the Internet through local computer connections in individual laboratories. The Information Technology Department (MSIT) maintains and upgrades the local area network and provides support for network users.

Student Facilities

Student and trainee services are also available as part of The UTHealth. An attractive housing complex featuring 1–3 bedroom apartments and a day-care facility are located near the Texas Medical Center. Two well-equipped recreation facilities are also available, boasting two swimming pools, softball diamonds, tennis, basketball, squash and racquetball courts, and the latest in exercise equipment.