JULY 2014

Congratulations to three of our BMB Program students!

  • Caitlin Edmunds was awarded a Houston Area Molecular Biophysics Training Fellowship.
  • Drew Dolino was awarded a Training in Pharmacological Science Fellowship.
  • Scott Collum was awarded The Frank A. and Gladys F. Chamberlin Scholarship.

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Upcoming Workshops

May 22, 2015

Speaker: Kemly Philip and Drew Dolino
Primary Reviewer: Dr. Michael Blackburn
Secondary Reviewer: Dr. Vasanthi Jayaraman

May 29, 2015

Speaker: Dr. Frank Luo

May 15, 2015

Speaker: Dr. Hongyu Wu

May 8, 2015

Speaker: Dr. Kazunari Nohara

April 24, 2015

Speaker: Dr. Guizhen Fan

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