BMB’s First Paul F. Cranefield Awardee

Dr. David Mac Lean, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Vasanthi Jayaraman’s lab, was awarded the 2015 Postdoc Cranefield Award.   […]

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UTHealth Biochemists Working to Learn More about Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Xia and her team published their study titled “Elevated sphingosine-1-phosphate promotes sickling and sickle cell disease progression” in the […]

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Faculty Collaboration Leads to Nature Publication

Research by Eric Wagner, Ph.D., and Ann-Bin Shyu, Ph.D. lead to discovering that a protein called CFIm25, critical to keeping messenger […]

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Welcome Darren Boehning!

BMB welcomes Darren Boehning  and his lab to UTHealth.  Dr. Boehning is an associate professor and joins us from UTMB. […]

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Spudich elected to serve as President of the IUPB

Dr. John Spudich has been elected to serve as President of the International Union of Photobiology (IUPB) by the IUPB […]

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Research from Spudich Lab featured in NSF article.

The National Science Foundation recently featured research from the Spudich laboratory on light-sensors in microorganisms. The NSF article (1) highlights […]

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Upcoming Seminars

May 23, 2016
Dr. Amnon Altman
Director, Scientific Affairs, Professor and Head, Division of Cell Biology, La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology, La Jolla, California
MSB 2.135
Host: Dr. Darren Boehning

March 21, 2016
Dr. Melanie D. Ohi (Structural Biology seminar)
Associate Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Center for Structural Biology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
MSB 2.135
Host: Dr. Pawel Penczek

October 12, 2015
Dr. James D. West
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy, Pulmonary, & Critical Care Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee
“Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and the BMP Pathway”
MSB 2.135
Host: Dr. Harry Karmouty-Quintana

November 9, 2015
Dr. George G. Rodney
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
“NADPH Oxidase-Mediated Redox Signaling: Putting a Brake on Autophagy”
MSB 2.135
Host: Dr. Irina Serysheva

November 2, 2015
Dr. Christopher A. Ahern (CMB Seminar)
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
“Atomic resolution protein engineering in ion channels”
MSB 2.135
Host: Dr. Vasanthi Jayaraman

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