Literature Appraisal Course

This course is offered every two years to faculty and fellows throughout the medical center as part of the Clinical Research Curriculum. In this course, participants have an opportunity to learn rules of evidence, demonstrate critical evaluation of the medical literature, and practice communicating these concepts to others. The goal of this course is to advance the skills of Evidence-Based Medicine at the post-graduate level and foster a culture that promotes the practice and teaching of Evidence-Based Medicine.

Using Research to Inform Health Care Policy and Practice Course

This is a Master’s level course offered every two years as part of the MS in Clinical Research Degree Program. In this course, the students apply rules of evidence and principles of health services research to clinical practice, practice guidelines, and health care policy. Decision analysis, economic evaluations, and methods for quantifying benefit/risk are used to evaluate health care interventions at the individual patient, group practice, and population levels. These methods are then applied in case-based discussions. Each student also prepares an evidence-based set of clinical practice guidelines related to his/her clinical practice.

Evidence-Based Medicine Workshop for Chief Residents

This workshop is offered each year to the chief residents for the upcoming year. The two-day workshop includes didactic sessions and small group discussions. The participants learn to apply the principles of critical appraisal and begin to develop teaching skills that can be implemented and expanded during the chief residency year.