Image of Thomas P. KennyIn January 2018, we’re opening the doors on the inaugural EP Heart Cardiovascular Electrophysiology program. This isn’t the only class of its kind, but there are some outstanding reasons why this program–based in Houston, Texas at the world-famous Houston Medical Center–is different.

Our class is affiliated with the McGovern Medical School. This gives us access to some of the top people in the field, plus it means our requirements are stricter but our credibility is very strong.

We offer both pacing and electrophysiology in a six-month program. Other programs offer both but are longer or are six months but only offer pacing. To get the best of both worlds–and maximize your chances of finding the future job of your dreams–we give you both fields in an intensive, power-packed program.

You’ll do your clinical rotations at one of the nation’s leading hospitals–the Memorial Hermann System. You’ll be working with top clinicians in some of the world’s busiest and best hospitals, hospitals that are known for using the latest technology.

And finally, this is the only course out there led by me, Tom Kenny. I literally wrote the book on the Nuts & Bolts of Cardiac Pacing and the Nuts & Bolts of ICDs. This course is one that I’ve custom designed to meet the needs of today’s clinicians.  In fact, this course was designed so that upon successful completion of this program, you will have excellent opportunities with leading device manufacturers are companies, clinics, and hospitals around the nation.

You can be on your way to a better, brighter 2018 by making the right career decisions now! Give me a call (713)486-1636 to learn more.