As a veteran of the cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology world, both in-hospital and in industry, since 1976, I feel I can speak with some authority when I wholeheartedly endorse both a career in cardiac electrophysiology and this program’s director, Tom Kenny. It is hard to imagine a field more challenging and more rewarding to work in than cardiac electrophysiology, whether in industry or as a member of a clinical EP team. The EP knowledge base and technology advance constantly, and applying them in a patient-care setting makes every day different than the one before. And I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than working in a field where you can see the direct benefit of what you do for patients and their families, and where you can influence, in ways large and small, the evolution of EP and device technology and application. Regarding the UT Health Cardiovascular Electrophysiology program, I can honestly say that, in all my years in the industry, including many years teaching cardiac devices and EP to physicians, nurses and allied professionals, and to company personnel, I have never known a better medical educator than Tom Kenny. As a teacher, he has an uncanny ability to make the most complex topics understandable, to relate the theory/science to its practical application, and to make the task of learning entertaining and enjoyable. I have worked with Tom on the development of many teaching programs, and he knows how to develop curricula that stress the right combination of technical information and clinical practice, so that the student learns what to do, how to do it, and why. This is a critically important level of understanding for the cardiac device or cardiac EP specialist to have, given the uniqueness of every patient and physician interaction. Tom’s teaching prepares his students to enter the real world of cardiac devices and cardiac EP, and to apply their knowledge with confidence. With Tom Kenny as the program’s director, I feel confident in recommending this program to anyone with interest in the field.

-Eliot Ostrow

It’s a rare opportunity that you come across a legendary talent like Tom Kenny. He is a master at taking extremely difficult material and unbundling it into easily understandable and thought provoking lessons.  Mr. Kenny’s vast experience and mastery of all things CRM are unrivaled within the CRM community.  I was always impressed with Tom’s ability to command the room and teach to people from such various backgrounds. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of CRM from him.  If you have the opportunity to become a part of Tom’s program, I highly recommend that you seize it.

– Jeremy Laughlin, Medtronic


If you want to learn about Cardiac Rhythm Management, you want Tom educating you about it. Tom’s ability to break down the material so it’s easily digested and applied in practical settings is second to none. Tom gave me the professional knowledge and clinical applications to excel in this challenging career field. I would highly recommend Tom as an instructor to anyone.

– Jacob Patterson. EP TSS Abbott


          Upon meeting Tom Kenny, his warm and kind nature will take you by surprise. One of the greatest things about learning from Tom Kenny is the personal attention you      will receive as well as a life long friend. “The UTH Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Program” will continue to take advantage of the small environment and close relationships that are developed with both the students and the teachers. Tom will go above and beyond that of any instructor you’ve ever had to not only help you succeed, but excel. Tom’s pupils have proven themselves to be some of the most advanced in the entire industry.   I highly encourage anyone to come to this program, with a personal guarantee that you will not only enjoy your time here, but your new career as well. 

-Jason Kindler, Principal Field Clinical Engineer, Impulse Dynamics


Tom Kenny is the type of dedicated instructor who will be remembered throughout your career as the best you’ve ever had. There has been no other educator in my career, who has the passion and enthusiasm that Tom holds.   It is a rarity for an educator to possess not only the ability to teach such difficult subjects of cardiology and device management so well, but it is rare to teach with the style and sense of humor that makes you WANT to learn more.  There is good reason for anyone working with implantable cardiac devices who has read, or referred someone new to device management, to his “Nuts and Bolts” book.  There is no other career that I can think of that allows me to positively affect countless lives in such a technical manner than device management, and I thank Tom for my training.

-Greg Simokonis CCDS, CEPS, Abbott


There are teachers, those that instruct or educators, those that are masters in the field and go above and beyond the expectations of a teacher. Tom Kenny is the latter. He has the ability to take a persons previous field of employment or extra curricular activities for examples to help cross the line from memorization to understanding.

-Jodi Delprete, FCS, Biotronik


When I was a hiring manager for Medtronic, I often looked at students that were trained by Tom Kenny.  The level of training Tom provided was top level. I was always impressed by how prepared and the depth of knowledge his clinical specialists candidates had.

Most importantly, I always knew he had the best interest of his students at heart. He truly cares about his students. I consistently heard his students express appreciation of Tom’s mentorship and guidance.  I always appreciated his candid opinions and valued his input.

-Frank Faherty

Territory Sales Manager, Medtronic.plc


Tom Kenny is a master at his craft. He has the ability to take complex concepts and deliver them to his students in ways that are easy to grasp. Tom Kenny is a respected and sought after educator in in the EP community and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

-Eric Herbst, CCDS, CEPS,

Medtronic AF Solutions


I highly recommend Tom Kenny as the premier educator in the areas of cardiology, electrophysiology and related devices and technologies.   Tom and I have known each other since 1991 when he joined our company (Intermedics, Inc., Angleton, TX) as an educator.  Previously Tom was a critical care nurse and educator in a large public hospital system in south Florida.  Tom and I worked together for the next 20 years at two different cardiac rhythm management based medical device companies.  During this time Tom was responsible for educating both employees and customers alike including design engineers, field sales, field technical and associated health professionals.   Over the years, Tom has acquired an in depth knowledge of both the physiology and technical aspects of device therapy.  I watched Tom continually improve and hone his teaching skills and modify his communication style to fit all audiences.  He has a special knack in relaying highly technical concepts in the most understandable ways.  Further demonstrating his skills, Tom has also been successful in writing a series of easy to understand educational books in the cardiology device area.

In addition to Tom’s excellent knowledge, presentation, writing and organization skills, Tom has been a caring and thoughtful mentor to many industry field personnel over the years.  He has helped guide many into a successful career in the medical device industry.   I would highly recommend Tom and his educational programs if you want to begin a career in the cardiology/electrophysiology medical device field.

-Elias Wettenstein, Former Vice President Mareketing SJM CRMD