Program Fees

The total program fee for the 2019 incoming trainees will be $30,000. Program fee for the CRM Focus only program is $9,500. Fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to starting the program.

Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of $100 is due with application to cover cost of processing. Only money order or cashier’s check will be accepted for the application fee (personal checks are not accepted).

Health Insurance

Health insurance will be required by the program. Trainees who matriculate into the program will be eligible to purchase our student health plan for an annual cost of $1254.00 ( Trainees who have other health insurance will be required to provide proof of coverage.

Financial Assistance

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a reasonable average of a Trainee’s educational and living expenses for the period of enrollment. The COA sets limits on the total aid that a Trainee may receive, and it is generally the sum of Program fees, room and board, transportation, and personal/miscellaneous expenses. Any assistance received (such as private alternative loans and/or scholarships) cannot exceed the cost of attendance. The COA may be used by Trainees to financially prepare to meet their educational expenses.


Cost of Attendance for 6-month Program

Program Fees                                       $30,000

Health Insurance                                  $  1,394

Room and Board                                   $10,212

Transportation                                      $  1,332

Personal/Misc.                                     1,650

   TOTAL                                            $44,588


Cost of Attendance for 8 week program

Program Fees                                       $  9,500

Health Insurance                                  $     465

Room and Board                                  $  3,404

Transportation                                      $     444

Personal/Misc.                                        550

   TOTAL                                             $14,363


Alternative Loan Financing

Trainees may meet their educational expenses by borrowing private, credit-based loan financing through Sallie Mae.  The Smart Option Student Loan is a private loan offered by Sallie Mae that offers a variable or fixed interest rate and various repayment options.  Follow the instructions to apply:

Alternative loan Instructions

    1. Apply for the Smart Option Student Loan here:
    2. Click on the Green Button:
    3. Select: Certificate/Continuing Ed
    4. Complete the Alternative Loan Certification Request and submit to the Financial Aid Office:


    Certification of the loan will be completed once the loan application is received from Sallie Mae.  Loans will be certified for the amount specified up to your eligible amount.  The loan will be disbursed no earlier than 10 days before the first day of classes.  If the Trainee fails to attend classes, the entire loan award MUST be returned to the Financial Aid Office.


    All private loan proceeds received will be applied against any Program Fees currently due on the Trainee’s account, if applicable.  If a credit balance exists after the private loan or other resources have been applied to outstanding Program Fees, student refunds will be processed by the Financial Aid Office. Refunds will be in the form of paper checks and students will need to pick up the refund check in the Financial Aid Office located at 7000 Fannin, Suite 2220.  A picture ID must be shown before any check(s) are released.


    Financial Aid Office Contact Information

    Office of Student Financial Services

    P.O. Box 20036

    Houston, Texas 77225

    713-500-3860 (Office)

    713-500-3863 (Fax)

Personal Liability Insurance (PLI)

Personal liability insurance will be provided by the program and is included in the cost of program fees.

Clinical Affiliate-Associated Fee

There will be a one-time cost of $50-65 fee for a drug screen which will be required for the newly added rotation.


A booklist will be provided to trainees accepted into the program. Most books will be provided during the program

Laptop Computers

A laptop will be provided during the program. All power point slides will be available to the students.

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