While none of us can predict the future, most of us can influence our own futures more than we realize. If you are not happy in your current career or you’re just about to embark on your career, a lot of what you do right now can affect your future for many years to come.
Of course, a lot depends of your future will depend on the career you select, the company you work for, the position you enter, and how hard you work. But you’re probably wondering what it is like to have a career as a representative for a pacemaker manufacturer. The work can be demanding–you may work with clinicians in multiple hospitals. You’ll have to interact with everyone from patients to administrators to nurses to physicians. And you’ll have to know your product line.
So what do pacemaker representatives earn? Don’t take my word for it–Google “what do pacemaker reps earn?” and see what you find out. A 2016 Medical Device Salary Report has some pretty good news–median base pay is around $75,000. Add that to sales commissions and you can see it’s a pretty highly paid field.
Companies pay a lot because they expect a lot–you’ll need to be trained, equipped, and confident. And I cannot guarantee any pay range since so much depends on you, how much you apply yourself, who you work for, and what opportunities come your way.
But your future could look a lot brighter in 2018 and 2019 … if you take the right steps now.