These are real street signs from Lake Jackson, Texas, a little town about an hour outside of Houston. I always thought these signs at this intersection had a hidden meaning. These signs tell me a lot about your future. Are you heading in a specific direction to a certain goal, or are you just allowing your life and career to happen to you? Are you going “that way” or are you just going “any way” you can?

Our course is a rare opportunity for you to take control of your career. In six months, you can be trained in the field of cardiac pacing, defibrillation, and electrophysiology. Granted, these are not easy subjects. There is a lot to learn. But we’ll not only teach you, we’ll show you, and we’ll work with you in a clinical setting to give you the confidence to apply the science and technology you learn in the classroom to the real-world clinical setting.

Will you have homework? Yes. Will you have to study? Yes. Will you understand every new concept right away with no struggle? Not likely. But we will work with you, step by step, to get you to the point that you can enter this new field as a trained, seasoned, valued professional.

Back in the day when I learned cardiac pacing, I learned it on the job from folks who mentored me. I learned a little bit here and a little bit there and I often had to struggle to put the information together. That’s not a possibility anymore. In today’s hectic clinical environment, you can’t really be an “apprentice” and learn from others on the job. You have to hit the ground running. And that is why schools like this play such an important role.

We will also work with you when you’ve successfully completed your studies to find a career positionĀ in the industry. We educate you with specific goals in mind, and we help you find a positionĀ so you can contribute to the healthcare industry as a pacing or EP expert. You will be contributing to healthcare, but you will also be contributing to yourself–you’ll be accomplishing your goals. You’ll be taking care of yourself and your family.

Of course there are no guarantees. But if you work hard, apply yourself, and demonstrate professionalism and dedication in your work, you may very well have a good-paying job with outstanding career possibilities next year. Either way, you’re going to be a year older … but are you going to be closer to your goals?

Your new career in pacing can change lives. But now … are you ready to change your life?