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The Center for Global Health at McGovern is committed to the advancement of clinical service, medical education, and research activities aimed at addressing health disparities within our local communities and globally. We support activities based on population needs and that seek to promote well-being and improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations within Houston and beyond, using evidence-based interventions. We believe global health activities should be designed to address context-specific health needs identified in collaboration with partnering countries or organizations. These activities should further incorporate plans for sustainability and capacity building while considering relevant social/structural determinants of health. Our efforts in global health are grounded in the principles of social justice, health equity for all, and equitable partnerships that foster bidirectional learning.

We also aim to enhance awareness within the medical school community of the unique challenges associated with healthcare delivery to various marginalized populations and to pioneer efforts to mitigate these challenges.

The Center is working to build a centralized platform to facilitate and oversee the coordination and collaboration of global health training and activities conducted by faculty, trainees, and students at the McGovern Medical School.

Our priorities include establishing flagship global health programs/partnerships for McGovern Medical School that advance the Center’s mission and provide opportunities for faculty, trainees, and students in bidirectional engagement in the three core areas of clinical care, medical education, and research.