There is tremendous evidence supporting the benefits of global health education and training. These skills are becoming increasingly important to the state of Texas with its plurality of citizens and the large influx of immigrants in the Houston area. We highlight some ongoing efforts by faculty and opportunities for trainees to get involved in global health. 

We expect expansion of these opportunities as we establish flagship programs for McGovern Medical School. In the meantime, any faculty, resident or student interested in additional programs and opportunities should contact the Center’s Directors.

Deepa Iyengar, MD MPH
Wunmi Aibana, MD MPH

Featured McGovern Medical School Projects

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Missions
McGovern Faculty contact: Phuong D. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FAAP
Hanoi, Vietnam

Annual education and hands-on reconstructive mission to Hanoi, Vietnam, distributed over several hospitals throughout the city with distinct areas of focus.  Trips are each Spring, in March. The mission has historically been a part of the Reconstructive International Cooperation Exchange (R.I.C.E.) which is now re-branded as Nuoy Reconstructive International.  With over 20 years of mission trips, we have performed and taught complex craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction and microsurgery.   The goal of these trips is to build relationships and increase surgical expertise and capacity in Vietnam with our partners and hosts, as well as offering care for complex patients who have reduced access.  Our partner institutions include Vietnam National Children’s Hospital (the only tertiary children’s hospital in northern Vietnam), Viet Duc Hospital (the largest trauma hospital in northern Vietnam), Hong Ngoc Hospital, Hanoi Medical University,  and Saint Paul Hospital.  There are abundant opportunities for research and clinical participation dependent on experience and training level.  All activity are supervised by attending board-certified faculty.

Swami Vivekanada Youth Movement (SVYM)
McGovern Faculty contact: Deepa Iyengar, MD MPH

The Virtual Global Health Interactive Cross-Training Learning Modules is a partnership between McGovern Medical School and SYVM (https://svym.org/), an India-based NGO. This collaboration promotes medical student education on the global burden of disease and gives McGovern students a glimpse of real-world challenges faced by physicians on a global scale. Virtual lectures offered by medical professionals from India outlines some of the unique management challenges encountered in specific geographic locations. Once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, students will have the opportunity to travel to Mysore, India for away electives at SVYM. In the meantime, virtual sessions will expand to include live patient encounters.

If you are a faculty member interested in:

  • Being a mentor/advisor for students in global health related research and projects
  • Assisting with curriculum/teaching of medical students in the global health scholarly concentration

Please contact Nimrah.A.Nasir@uth.tmc.edu