• Travel.State.Gov
    • Keep updated on changes to your area and make it easier for the U.S. Embassy/family get in touch with you in an emergency by enrolling in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP):
    • Deciphering your country’s warning level:
    • EXAMPLE: Travel Advisory Thailand - Level 1 (exercise normal precautions), Songkhia Provinces - Level 3 (reconsider travel)
  • CDC.Gov
    • Talk with your doctor and review all travel recommendations; ensure you are up to date on vaccinations
    • Great resource for global health info:
  • On Call International
    • On Call International is a 24/7 emergency assistance provider with an international network of medical and security professionals available any time to assist you. You can view benefits, active alerts, travel & security advice, and even sign up for an email subscription to get alerts/updates

General Safety Tips

  • Stay Alert and Trust your Instincts – particularly in busy or unfamiliar areas, if you feel uneasy get out and away from the place
  • Keep Valuables Close – do not flash valuables or draw attention to pickpockets
  • Keep a Low Profile – keep in mind you are a foreigner in the country you are travelling; be respectful of other cultures and beliefs
  • Learn Your Surroundings – what areas you should avoid, contacts, how the public transportation works, etc.
  • Keep in Contact – keeping hosts/supervisors updated on your whereabouts is a must, but we also suggest regularly contacting someone you trust in the U.S. with updates and location
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