Alumni – Past Trainees

Verification of Training/Past Employment

  • The GME Office will only verify dates of training as indicated on the respective appointment agreement(s). Requests for training verification must be submitted in writing directly by the entity that is requesting the information. It should be submitted with a signed release of information from the former resident/fellow. The GME Office will not do verbal verification under any circumstances and will not release information of any kind without the signature release.
  • If the verification is for a state medical board, the official form from the medical board with a signed letter from the resident requesting release of the information must be submitted. Verification requests for state medical boards are forwarded to the training program and completed and signed by the Program Director. Click HERE to find the program coordinator list.
  • Requests can be emailed to

Verification of malpractice coverage and claims history

  • UT System residents/clinical fellows, are covered under two separate malpractice insurance policies – The University of Texas System & Memorial Hermann Hospital.
  • Memorial Hermann Hospital maintains a policy for residents/clinical fellows rotating within their institution and UT System maintains a self-insured policy for all other locations. To get a complete verification of your past coverage and claims history, residents/clinical fellows must contact both entities.
  • See the FAQ – Professional Liability Insurance page for further information.

Replacement residency or fellowship certificates

  • For replacement certificates alumni, requests are made through the former program. Requests are then forwarded to GME for preparation for certificate printing.
  • If the request is due to a name change, a copy of proof of the legal name change (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court ordered name change) and the original certificate with the old name MUST be returned. The certificate will be destroyed when the new one is prepared.
  • you must submit
  • Click HERE to find the program coordinator list.

Change of address

  • To provide an updated address, send an email to with the corrected information.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Form

  • PSLFs forms should be routed to the Residency/ Fellowship Program Coordinator. Click HERE to find the program coordinator list.

Previous Documentation – i.e. Vaccination Records, Case logs, etc. 

  • Requests should be routed to the Residency/ Fellowship Program Coordinator. Click HERE to find the program coordinator list.


  • Contact Payroll for more information.


For additional information for Alums visit Human Resources.