International Medical School Graduates – Required Documents

The Texas Medical Board and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services require that certain documents be reviewed and be present in your file should you be accepted into a residency/fellowship position. International Medical School Graduates (IMG’s) who are candidates for UTHealth residency and fellowship positions must present the one set of 8-½ inch by 11-inch certified and notarized photocopies. Please remember that in order to be processed for a residency or clinical fellowship position, all of the requirements must be met BEFORE a program can release an appointment agreement to you. Failure to provide documents  may cause delay in your residency/fellowship start date. The GME Office will not accept IMG documents that are mailed directly from the applicant.


translation is defined as one that a government official, official translation agency, or college or University Official performs which is on the official letterhead of that official agency. The translator must certify that it is a true word-for-word translation into English to the best of his/her KNOWLEDGE, that he/she is fluent in the language, and that he/she is qualified to translate original documents. The translator must sign his/her name and place their title under the signature. Translations by friends or family members are not acceptable.

certified photocopy is a photocopy that has been compared to the original by a Notary who then notarizes it as a “True and Exact Copy of the Original Document.” The notary must sign each page of the document.


  1. Medical School Diploma – Original language and translation
  2. Medical School Transcripts and Mark Sheets for EACH medical school attended – Original language and translation – Must show courses and grades.
  3. Medical School Dean’s Letter – Original language and translation
  4. ECFMG Certificate – Must be valid indefinitely
  5. Name Change Documentation – If there is a change of name from that which is listed on the candidate’s documents, a marriage certificate or other documentation of legal name change must be provided. Remember to supply a translation if the document is not in English.
  6. Present photo identification and supply a photocopy. Acceptable forms of identification include a passport, resident alien card, or US Driver’s License
  7. German graduates will need to provide their four exam results with translations: Arztliche Vorprufung, Ersten Abschnitt Prufung, Zweiten Abschnitt Prufung & Arztliche Prufung.

Fifth Pathway Students

  1. Fifth Pathway Certificate – Fifth Pathway applicants must submit a copy of his/her Fifth Pathway certificate showing the completion of the supervised clinical year.
  2. Fifth Pathway Letter – Fifth Pathway applicants must have the director of his/her Fifth Pathway program submit a letter outlining the methods used to evaluate and admit the applicant to the program.