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Getting Started: Setting Up UTHealth Email, Two Factor Authentication, and TigerConnect

Use these instructions to set up the following elements on your phone.

Use STEP 1 and 2 to set up UTHealth email on your phone.

Use STEP 3 to set up Duo Mobile 2 factor authentication on your phone.

Use STEP 4 to set up TigerConnect on your phone.

  1. Step 1: Enroll Your Device on Intelligent Hub (formerly AirWatch)
  2. Step 2: Set Up Your Mailbox
  3. Step 3: Two Factor Authentication via the Duo Mobile app
  4. Step 4: TigerConnect (also known as TigerText) Setup

Step 1: Enroll Your Device on Intelligent Hub (formerly AirWatch)

Next, using your phone or tablet, enroll your mobile device on Intelligent Hub (sometimes still referred to by its former name “AirWatch”). On arrival at the page select either Android Device or iOS (Apple) Device, then follow the instructions on the relevant page.

ANDROID USERS ONLY: Be aware that some Android phones may require you to download a brand-specific secondary app that coordinates with Intelligent Hub, and/or a mail app called Boxer – Workspace ONE. Please do so if asked.

Step 2: Set Up Your Mailbox

After you have completed the process of enrolling your device via Intelligent Hub, your mailbox will be set up automatically, but you will need to give your password to allow it to pull email.

Apple iPhones will automatically set up email in the native Apple email app. You will be prompted for your password after installing Intelligent Hub. Provide your password as prompted.

Android phones will usually require set up email in the Boxer One app, and not the native email app provided by your phone or provider. Locate the Boxer One app and tap on it. It will prompt you for your account password.  Provide your password as prompted.

Waiting For Email To Flow

Usually it takes less than 20 minutes for email to start flowing to your phone.

Need Assistance?

If you still are not receiving email by the morning of the next business day, or you are having other trouble understanding or following the instructions for implementing Intelligent Hub and/or Boxer Workspace One (formerly AirWatch Inbox), send a help desk ticket so your LAN Manager can assist you.

Step 3: Enrolling In Two-Factor Authentication via Duo Mobile

To add the Duo Mobile app to your phone, you must set it up while using a UTHealth computer located inside the UTHealth firewall. Such locations include:

  1. From any UTHealth desktop on campus;
  2. From any UTHealth laptop on campus and connected to the UTHealth wifi system;
  3. At any UT Physicians clinic; or
  4. At LBJ Hospital.

The Duo Mobile can be installed from either an Apple of Android Phone.

From any computer at one of the above locations, do the following:

  1. Go to the Two Factor Authentication Page.
  2. Click on the Enrollment tab.
  3. Go to the Two Factor Sign In Page and follow the procedures.

This video tutorial also shows how to enroll your phone.

Need Help?

If you still are unable to get Duo Mobile to set up on your phone, you can send a help desk ticket so your LAN Manager can help you with it.

Step 4: Getting Started on TigerConnect

If you have not been told to get TigerConnect, you don’t need TigerConnect and can skip this section.

TigerConnect is used mostly by clinicians who need to communicate with each other securely via text in real time.

If you do need to get TigerConnect, go here to read general information about TigerConnect, and go here to fill out the TigerConnect Terms of Use Acknowledgement Form. You will receive a welcome email once your account has been provisioned.

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