Criteria for Identification of Research and Specialized Computers


The unique requirements often associated with research and specialized computers are clearly recognized by the university. Because of these unique circumstances, these specialized computers need to be explicitly identified. Failure to identify specialized computers presents grave security risks both to the research/clinical functions and to the university and raises the possibility that the intended functions might be adversely affected as IT security measures are automatically activated to stem ongoing cyber threats.

MSIT works with investigators to formalize a plan that best meets the security and compliance issues associated with research systems. In order to address the issues concerning the research systems, we must have a list of critical machines.


Research and special task-oriented computers are defined as computers meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Involved in real-time data acquisition via attached instrumentation
  • Providing real-time instrument control
  • Executing time sensitive and/or prolonged computations
  • Hosting required applications having unique requirements not supported by typical desktop systems
  • Hosting critical software and hardware applications that cannot be supported by current, appropriately patched operating systems.

Once information is obtained on all of these computers and appropriate discussions have occurred among involved parties, appropriate polices and procedures will be developed and implemented.