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Residency Orientation

Personal Computer Policy

  • Personal computers are not allowed in UTP Clinics
  • Please do not use your personal computer to conduct UT Health business
  • Saving UTHealth data on your personal computer or on unencrypted flash drives is strictly prohibited
  • More info available at:

Secure Data Storage

Encrypted Flash Drives

  • Hardware-encrypted, encryption cannot be turned off
  • Data remains secure when flash drive is lost
  • 10 failed attempts to unlock will erase all data!
  • Keep important data backed up

UTHealth OneDrive 

  • Store data securely in the UTHealth Office 365 OneDrive
  • Encrypted storage
  • Protected by Two-Factor Authentication
  • OneDrive Login Page:

Secure Chat

Epic Secure Chat

  • Secure Chat allows users to send secure text messages to colleagues in real time from Haiku, Canto or Hyperspace
  • Images of paper patient lists or face sheets can be sent via Secure Chat to the Registration or Billing teams for patient creation and charge capture
  • This method of charge capture should be limited to only those circumstances in which the previous methods will not work, due to
  • Secure Chat messages are cleared every 30 days
  • Messages are routed to a list vs. reg/billing work queue(s)
  • Secure chat should be used for all clinical based chats and communications.

UTHealth Teams Chat

TigerConnect Secure Texting

  • HIPAA-Compliant messaging method
  • Can be accessed using your mobile device(s) or a web browser
  • End-to-end encrypted communication
  • To receive a license, please accept terms of use here
  • You will receive a welcome email once your account has been provisioned
  • Intelligent Hub is required to use TigerConnect on your phone, which can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple phones) or Play Store (Android Phones)
  • Intelligent Hub not required to use via the TigerConnect Website

Getting UTHealth Email On Your Mobile Device

Outlook App

  • Download the app from App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android)
  • Login using your UT email and password
  • App is managed by UTHealth IT (requiring a pin to open the app)
  • Instructions to install Outlook App

Intelligent Hub

For More Info

Duo Mobile Two Factor Authentication

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Medical School Information Technology

Administrative Offices
6431 Fannin St | MSB G.520 | Houston, TX 77030 USA | Fax: (713) 500-0708
IT Help Desk: (713) 486-4848