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UXS Staff Directory

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MSIT Systems and Project ManagementNavneet KaurSenior Manager, Systems Administration(713) 500-7383
MSIT Systems and Project ManagementMichael HigginsSenior Applications Administrator(713) 500-5225
UXS Asset ManagementYensheng "James" WangManager of IT Asset Management Administration(713) 500-5286
UXS Asset ManagementAhmed MansourSenior IT Asset Management Administrator(713) 500-5242
UXS Asset ManagementTijuana WilsonIT Asset Management Administrator(713) 500-5224
UXS CentralEric CorbelloManager, Systems & Applications(713) 486-3678
UXS CentralBobby AlbertiSystems & Applications Specialist I(713) 486-4861
UXS CentralAaron CorderoSystems & Applications Specialist I(713) 500-8772
UXS CentralCharles MedveSystems & Applications Specialist I(713) 486-3462
UXS CentralAnthony DuongSystems & Applications Specialist III(713) 486-2209
UXS CentralDevin C. ReedSystems & Applications Specialist II(713) 500-8175
UXS CentralGerald RickardSystems & Applications Specialist II(713) 486-4808
UXS CentralOmar TalaveraSystems & Applications Specialist I(713) 486-4805
UXS CentralSteven ThomasonSystems Administrator(713) 486-3476
UXS School of DentistryWeston CampbellSystems & Applications Specialist III(713) 486-4202
UXS School of DentistryFaisal FatehSystems & Applications Specialist I(713) 486-4518
UXS School of DentistryJohn ZabateSystems & Applications Specialist I(713) 486-0000

Medical School Information Technology

Administrative Offices
6431 Fannin St | MSB G.520 | Houston, TX 77030 USA | Fax: (713) 500-0708
IT Help Desk: (713) 486-4848