Research on color-tuned neurons published in Science Advances

April 1, 2021

Dr. Dragoi and Sunny Nigam

New research from the lab of Valentin Dragoi, PhD, on how the brain extracts and represents color information has been published in the February edition of Science Advances.

“Color represents an integral component of the visual input to the brain,” the paper’s authors write. “Higher vertebrates process color to make important decisions regarding food gathering, avoiding predators, and engaging in social interactions.”

The lab implanted arrays of 100 electrodes into the visual cortical area V4 of non-human primate models, an area which helps to determine intermediate-level image representations, such as color, curvature, and corners and has been involved in visual learning and memory. The subjects were then trained to view complex color displays composed of individual or multiple colors rapidly presented as move frames at 60 hertz.  The research led to the discovery of a new cell population in which individual neurons have a complex receptive field structure.

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