Debes and Dragoi Published in Science

March 16, 2023

Sam Debes and Valentin Dragoi

Recent research from the lab of Valentin Dragoi, PhD, Rochelle and Max Levitt Distinguished Professor in the Neurosciences, revealing for the first time that cortical feedback projections carry attentional signals to individual neurons and cell populations in the visual cortex, has been published in Science as a research article.

The paper presents the first causal evidence that the attentional modulation of individual neurons and cell populations in the visual cortex is carried out by cortical feedback projections from higher areas.

Sam Debes, Ph.D. and the first author of the paper, titled “Suppressing feedback signals to visual cortex abolishes attentional modulation,” is a recent graduate from the Dragoi Lab. The paper spans years of research in the Dragoi Lab on applying optogenetic tools to manipulate cortical circuits and behavior. Funding by the NIH BRAIN Initiative and National Eye Institute, including an F31 fellowship to Debes from the NEI.

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