Our Staff Optometrists

Our Staff Optometrists serve a crucial role for our clinical practice in the Texas Medical Center. As doctors of optometry, Drs. Handal, Tomy, and Treviño are leaders in primary eye health care, helping our  patients and their families with the initial steps toward healthier eyes and better vision. If they detect eye disease or other any other health condition, Drs. Handal, Tomy, and Treviño can help navigate you or your family member to the right prevention plans or the critical next steps in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Stephanie HandalStephanie Handal, ODMeet Dr. Handal
Tomy-Jayson-webJayson Tomy, ODMeet Dr. Tomy
Trevino-Arnoldo-webArnoldo Treviño, ODMeet Dr. Treviño