Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship

McGovern Medical School’s Foot and Ankle Surgical Fellowship accepts two fellows per year and has been training exceptional orthopedic surgeons for over 20 years. Dr. William McGarvey directs this dynamic fellowship that offers in-depth experience in foot and ankle surgery with high patient volumes in clinical practice and a vast array of hands-on training in the operating room covering a range of surgical procedures. As you rotate with each of the six foot and ankle fellowship trained Attendings, you will experience a diverse patient population that will require development of diagnostic and surgical decision-making. You will remain active in clinic and in the operating room gaining first hand exposure to flatfoot and cavovarus reconstruction, hindfoot/midfoot/ankle arthrodesis, total ankle arthroplasty, taylor spatial frame application, trauma and fracture care, diabetic foot problems including charcot arthropathy, forefoot reconstruction, tendon pathology and treatment, sports injury, and many others pathologies and treatments. The academic experience emphasizes a scholarly approach to clinical problem-solving, self-directed study, teaching, development of analytic skills and surgical judgment, and research. The operative experience ensures the ability of the fellow to skillfully perform the procedures required for practice of foot and ankle orthopedics as outlined in the AOFAS approved Fellowship Curriculum.

The graduation of fellows Sherif Dabash and Jesus Juarez Class 2017-2018 Foot and Ankle fellowship McGovern Medical School UT.

The mission of the fellowship is to train Orthopedic Surgeons to treat the complex, multifactorial surgical and nonsurgical issues that exist in the foot and ankle surgical subspecialty. We graduate highly competent and confident foot and ankle surgeons who go on to be outstanding members of their surgical communities.


About Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship

As you rotate with our six fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeons you will be immersed in a learning environment designed to foster independent and successful activity in the world of foot and ankle surgery. The greater Houston area has a diverse population and foot and ankle subspecialists see a variety of pathology that requires critical analysis and clinical judgment to care for the patient effectively. You will have scholarly discussions with your Attendings in one on one settings which prompts further self directed study and education so that you may develop a true expertise in the subject matter. A monthly Journal Club is held where the fellows will have the opportunity to discuss current publications and research in the literature. Special and complex cases are brought to this meeting by Attendings for discussion amongst the group as well. The fellows will attend didactic sessions, but will also have the opportunity to teach. There will be lectures and presentations given to residents by the fellows while they rotate with Dr. McGarvey. This unique educational offering helps prepare you for academic achievement and professional presentation in the future during your career.

Didactic Foot & Ankle Lectures:

  1. Anatomy & Biomechanics of Foot & Ankle
  2. Trauma Mid-foot & Forefoot
  3. Trauma Hind Foot
  4. Trauma Ankle
  5. Arthritis (mid- fore- foot)
  6. Arthritis Hind foot
  7. Arthritis Ankle
  8. Soft Tissue Trauma Management
  9. Diabetic Foot 1 Ortho Considerations
  10. Diabetic Foot 2 Wound Care / Med Considerations
  11. Pediatric I
  12. Pediatric Foot 2
  13. Foot & Ankle Examination
  14. Bunions 1
  15. Bunions 2
  16. Orthotics, Prosthetics, Shoe Ware
  17. Lesser Toes
  18. Imaging / Radiology
  19. Heel Pain
  20. Nerve Problems
  21. Tendinopathies
  22. Acquired Flat Foot
  23. Ankle & Subtalar Instability
  24. Limb salvage

During your year as a fellow you will participate in scholarly research. You will choose a project or design one with an Attending and work towards publication of the data. You will be given ample time for completion of this task and our program is flush with resources to assist you in completion of your project.

You will rotate through several different hospitals including Memorial Hermann Hospital (locations include the Texas Medical Center, Memorial City, and Sugar Land), Texas Orthopaedic Hospital in the Medical Center, Methodist Hospital in the Willowbrook area, Kelsey Seybold Hospital in the Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital in the Medical Center. There are also smaller surgical centers utilized at times by our Attendings that the fellows will have privileges at to operate. This gives a robust operative experience that compliments the technical teaching that occurs during your fellowship.

Our expectations are to train you to be able to skillfully perform the procedures required of a foot and ankle trained surgeon.  We utilize and train fellows in cutting edge procedures and technology that will prepare you for your practice. Experiences with ankle arthroplasty, frame application, arthroscopy, arthrodesis, reconstruction and use of biologics are abundant. Our fellows log more than 500 cases each per year with direct hands on participation.

Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship Rotation Schedule

Below is the rotation schedule for the Foot and Ankle Fellowship–

Foot and Ankle Fellowship Rotation Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rotation 1 Hanson McGarvey Hanson McGarvey Alade
AM OR Willowbrook Clinic TMC Clinic Willowbrook OR TMC OR Kelsey
PM Clinic Willowbrook Clinic TMC Clinic Willowbrook OR TMC OR Kelsey
Rotation 2 Bloome Beaver Bloome Bloome Greaser
PM OR TOH Clinic MHMC Clinic TOH OR TOH Clinic Sugar Land


The hospitals affiliated with the foot and ankle fellowship are  Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center, Memorial Hermann – Memorial City, Memorial Hermann – Sugar Land, Texas Orthopaedic Hospital, Kelsey – Seybold – Main Campus, St. Luke’s – Texas Medical Center, and Methodist Hospital – Willowbrook

Contact Information

Contact Information
Program Director:
William McGarvey, MD
6400 Fannin, Suite 1700
Houston, Texas 77030

Administrative Program Coordinator:
Michele Byrne
6400 Fannin, Suite 1700
Houston, Texas 77030
713-799-2429 (Office)
713-790-0505 (Fax)
281-633-1796 (Cell)

Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship Research

Research going on at the Orthopedic Department Foot and Ankle service:

1- How stem cells will augment the orthopedic practice
2- Cartiva Implant: The new kid in the market for hallux rigidus
3- Deltoid ligament repair in ankle fractures
4- Cost analysis comparative study between PARS and open technique for achilles tendon repair.
5- Equinus deformity correction using TSF frame.