Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship

UTHealth Houston Department of Orthopedic Surgery Foot and Ankle Surgical Fellowship accepts two fellows per year and has been training exceptional orthopedic surgeons for over 20 years. Dr. William McGarvey directs this dynamic fellowship that offers in-depth experience in foot and ankle surgery with high patient volumes in clinical practice and a vast array of hands-on training in the operating room covering a range of surgical procedures. As you rotate with each of the six foot and ankle fellowship trained Attendings, you will experience a diverse patient population that will require development of diagnostic and surgical decision-making. You will remain active in clinic and in the operating room gaining first hand exposure to flatfoot and cavovarus reconstruction, hindfoot/midfoot/ankle arthrodesis, total ankle arthroplasty, taylor spatial frame application, trauma and fracture care, diabetic foot problems including charcot arthropathy, forefoot reconstruction, tendon pathology and treatment, sports injury, and many others pathologies and treatments. The academic experience emphasizes a scholarly approach to clinical problem-solving, self-directed study, teaching, development of analytic skills and surgical judgment, and research. The operative experience ensures the ability of the fellow to skillfully perform the procedures required for practice of foot and ankle orthopedics as outlined in the AOFAS approved Fellowship Curriculum.

The graduation of fellows Sherif Dabash and Jesus Juarez Class 2017-2018 Foot and Ankle fellowship.

The mission of the fellowship is to train Orthopedic Surgeons to treat the complex, multifactorial surgical and nonsurgical issues that exist in the foot and ankle surgical subspecialty. We graduate highly competent and confident foot and ankle surgeons who go on to be outstanding members of their surgical communities.