Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Cardiology Fellowship – ACGME Accredited

The Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Cardiology Fellowship is a one year ACGME Accredited program, which begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30. The primary goal of the training program is to provide qualified physicians with a balanced,  structured and scholarly experience in the field of Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation. The Advanced Heart Failure (AHF) Fellow will gain insight into the diagnosis and management of patients with advanced heart failure with an emphasis on recognizing which patients would benefit from which therapies. Patients will be seen both on the inpatient service and in the outpatient clinics. The sub-specialty trainee will be exposed to all aspects of AHF from asymptomatic patients to shock patients.

Fellows will receive training in medical management with invasive hemodynamic monitoring and tailored medical therapy; electrophysiological therapies including biventricular pacing and automatic implantable defibrillators; and surgical therapies including ventricular reduction surgery, ventricular assist devices, and cardiac transplantation. An understanding of the psychological and social impact of heart failure as chronic disease will be underscored.


Current Fellows:

Advanced Heart Failure Fellows 2023-2024


Previous Fellows:

Advanced Heart Failure Fellows 2022-2023
Advanced Heart Failure Fellows 2019-2020
Advanced Heart Failure Fellows 2018-2019