Skeletal health, polypharmacy and medication management in the elderly are two important geriatric health problems and our research focuses on improving these issues.

Skeletal health research

Prevention and treatment of age-related bone loss is the focus of Dr. Rianon’s research. Her current clinical trial is on effects of ACEi, an antihypertensive mediation, in preventing age-related bone loss. Secondary prevention of fracture, vitamin D screening in osteoporotic patients, improving following up and optimizing treatment for osteoporosis are other research conducted by Dr. Rianon.

Improving medication management/International research

Prevalence of polypharmacy and use of inappropriate medication geriatric population in Bangladesh is an international project Dr. Rianon has undertaken in collaboration with a medical school in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She is a mentor for Global Health Scholarly Concentration for MSII and encourages improving health care internationally through Global Health.

Publications by Dr. Nahid Rianon.