Divisional Administrative Contacts

Administrative Contacts Internal Medicine Divisions

Scott Harrison
Administrative Services Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
Phone: 713-500-7968
Joe Handy
Assistant Director, Administrative and Business Operations
Gastroenterology & Oncology/Hematology
Phone: 713-500-6539
Lexus Campbell
Senior Administrative Manager
General Internal Medicine
Phone: 713-500-6714
Joseph Redd
Assistant Director, Administrative and Business Operations
Cardiovascular Medicine
Phone: 713-500-6283
Dr. Carolyn Grimes
Senior Program Manager
Research, Infectious Diseases
Phone: 713-500-6755
Amanda Marshall
Administrative Manager
Renal Diseases
Phone: 713-500-6881
Cyrus Harrington
Divisional Manager
Critical Care, Pulmonary, and Sleep Medicine
Phone: 713-500-6838
Michele Wezeman
Divisional Manager