General Internal Medicine


Front Row: Dr. Susan Pelini, Dr. Mark Farnie, Dr. Ariana Klein, Dr. Jennifer Swails, Dr. Jane Andrews, Dr. Joan Bull, Dr. Carissa Huq
Second Row: Dr. Beena Sattar, Dr. Kevin Hwang, Dr. Philip Johnson ( Division Director), Dr. Mingfang Cheng, Dr. Elmer Bernstam, Dr. Omowumni Aibana, Dr. Jacqueline Birnbaum, Dr. Christine Gordon
Third Row: Dr. Robby Wesley, Dr. Michael Zhu, Dr. Elena Cherian, Dr. Gabriel Aisenberg, Lexus B. Campbell, Dr. Robin Hardwicke, Dr. Victoriano Valdez III, Dr. Puja Gandhi, Angela Mays
Absent: Dr. Vanita Agrawal, Dr. Karthik Bhandari, Dr. Eugene Boisaubin, Rosa Fuentes, NP, Dr. Rukma Govindu, Dr. Richard Grimes, Dr. Gus Krucke, Dr. Gus Krucke, Dr. Gus Krucke, Robbie Neal, NP, Pennye Rohde, PA, Dr. Eric Thomas

The Division of General Medicine is a diversified team of clinically oriented physicians from varied backgrounds dedicated to excellence in education, comprehensive patient care, clinical research, and professional growth.