General Medicine Education

The Division of General Medicine has an active program involving teaching, patient care and research. A major responsibility of the division is supervision of The University of Texas Internal Medicine ambulatory care centers, which include the Memorial Hermann Hospital Emergency Center and the Life Flight helicopter ambulance service, a walk-in clinic, house staff patient panels, and the private practice offices of the general internists and subspecialists. Activities at Memorial Hermann and Lyndon B. Johnson General hospitals include supervision of a General Medicine Consultation service and participation on inpatient ward services, including Chief Medical Residents’ services.

Training of house officers and medical students is a priority of the division. House officers are assigned to the ambulatory care services and service in the emergency center, helicopter ambulance service and the ambulatory care clinics. Additionally, each house officer meets weekly with a panel of patients and follows this group of patients throughout the training program. All ambulatory clinic activities are supervised by full-time faculty who provide an active, multi-disciplinary teaching program. The opportunity to acquire a formal education is provided by all inpatient ward teams and a consult service staffed by full-time attending faculty and house officers, providing consultation to all specialty groups within the hospital.

Research activities of the division include the study of a number of new antihypertensive drugs and the effects of antihypertensive agents on the vascular endothelium and on atherogenesis; histoplasmosis in AIDS patients; and travelers diarrhea. Research objectives are to develop and conduct investigation consistent with the mission of the division such as projects in ambulatory care, general medicine and delivery of care.

The faculty of the Division of General Medicine is dedicated to providing excellent training programs while insuring quality patient care.