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AMiON On Call Scheduling

AMiON is no longer directly supported by MSIT

For support contact AMiON directly using the Tech Support Contact info shown below.

Some additional support information has been left below to assist users on a legacy basis.

AMiON Tech Support Contact

AMiON Help Page:

AMiON Tech Support: Tel: 888.898.0779 ext. 2 – 

About AMiON

AMiON is an on-call physician scheduler used at the McGovern Medical School. It is the standard method of on-call scheduling that interfaces with Memorial Hermann Hospital and other institutions.

AMiON User Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is On-Call and how is it different from
    On-Call is the software that schedulers use to build their on-call schedules. Each scheduler will need to download On-Call to their workstations and use their admin password to publish their call schedules onto is where the departmental staff, Memorial Hermann Hospital staff, and others can access a view-only/read-only version of the call schedule. Schedulers should not give out their admin passwords to anyone who is not their backup.
  2. Will there only be one scheduler? We want multiple people to have access to make changes, would that be possible?
    AMiON allows up to 5 people to be added on as back-ups. These individuals will have to download On-Call to their workstations so that they can also make changes and publish the call-schedules.
  3. Will this strictly be used for scheduling on-call or can it also include another type of calendar?
    AMiON is just used for on-call scheduling, but you can schedule other items as well, such as meetings or conferences. You can add the meetings as notes that appear at the bottom of the schedule.
  4. Can multiple people have access to look at the schedule? Would faculty be able to use a login and be able to see schedule?
    The viewing access has no limit; you can share the log-in with as many staff as you need. You can either share the UTH login (which gives access to all UTH call-schedules, or you can provide them with a department specific login.
  5. Can this calendar sync through personal calendars such as Google? Or do you have to download a completely separate app?
    Yes, the AMiON calendar has these capabilities to sync through personal calendars. You can also download the app and link to your personal call schedule through the app.
  6. In AMiON, would the change to the schedule be posted automatically? Or would someone need to approve the edits?
    Yes, AMiON automatically syncs changes. Even if staff have their call schedules linked to their personal calendars, the changes will also be automatically synced to reflect the changes. You also have other options, where you can alert staff when changes have been made.
  7. Are the departments allowed to data entry for upcoming months and for the whole year?
    Yes, you are able to enter data for upcoming months and year, and you are not limited to one month at a time.
  8. Will the calendar be printable/importable/exportable to Office 365? More specifically, would it be possible to have it in a link form so that the department can send the link and print the calendar?
    Yes, AMiON can be exported to Office 365 and it also provides you with a link version the calendar, with the capability to print the calendar as well.

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