Laptop Requirements

NOTE: Incoming Class of 2015 Laptop Requirements Coming Soon

In order to fully utilize information resources required by the faculty during your education, the school requires that all incoming medical students have laptop computers that meet the following specific minimal requirements:

Minimal Requirements

The following computer specifications are the minimum requirements:

  • Intel i3 Processor (PC or Mac)
  • 4GB of RAM (PC or Mac)
  • Screen Size: 13″ or bigger with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels (PC or Mac)
  • Graphics Card: 256MB available memory (PC or Mac)
  • 10/100/1000 Network Interface Card AND 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Network Card (PC or Mac)
  • 3 year warranty (PC or Mac)
  • Anti-Virus Software (PC or Mac)
  • PC Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium or better (32 or 64 Bit)
  • Mac Operating System: OS X 10.7 (Lion) or better AND Windows 7 Home Premium or better (32 or 64 Bit) installed in Boot Camp (Virtual Machines not allowed)
  • Netbooks are not acceptable

The minimum requirements allow for the use of Macs. If you choose to purchase a Mac, it must adhere to all of the minimum specifications including MS Windows 7 and Boot Camp. Additionally, if your MacBook does not have a built-in Ethernet card, you must purchase and bring with you an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter.

Protection of Patient, Research and University Data:
As a medical student you will have access to patient, research, or University data. The storage of that data on non-University computers puts patient privacy at risk and it is not in line with the security standards of the University. Non-University computers could be unencrypted, have weak or no passwords, are sometimes shared, and generally not managed by University IT staff and therefore should not be used to store University data.  University data should be saved to encrypted flash drives. We recommend Lok-It flash drives.

You are required to attend the computer orientation with your laptop as it will be checked to see if it meets the minimal requirements listed above. Please be advised that your laptop must meet the minimal specified requirements, in order for you to participate in required classroom activities. Students will have the option of having their laptops configured with wireless and VPN during orientation.  If you have questions regarding the requirements or whether your laptop meets the requirements, please contact Ching-Wei (Wayne) Pen at 713-500-5149 or via e-mail (e-mail is preferred)

Contact Info

If you have questions about these requirements or need further assistance, please contact:

Ching-Wei (Wayne) Pen
Systems & Applications Specialist I
Medical School Information Technology
Location: Room MSB G.200
Ph: 713-500-5149
Ticket Request:

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