Cadavers Honored Through Virtual Memorial Led by Medical Students Class of 2024

January 21, 2021

Class of 2024 Cadaver Memorial Service

Marking the completion of gross anatomy, the Class of 2024 honored those who donated their bodies to medical education at the annual Cadaver Memorial Service at McGovern Medical School Jan. 19.

The 2021 ceremony was presented virtually to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic. First-year medical students, led by Class of 2024 Anatomy Course Representatives Saloni Kumar and Michael Talanker, were tasked with moving the entire ceremony online for the first time, with help from representatives from the second-year class.

Gross anatomy class director Leonard Cleary, PhD, associate dean for educational programs, distinguished teaching professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, and director of the Human Structure Facility, praised first-year medical students for their flexibility and resiliency, not only to adapt the Cadaver Memorial to a virtual platform, but also in continuing their education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He also thanked Han Zhang, MD, professor of neurobiology and anatomy, for going above and beyond to ensure the gross anatomy course ran as close to normal as possible while implementing safe social distancing measures.

Claire E. Hulsebosch, PhD, professor of neurobiology and anatomy, reminded the first-year medical students of how memorable of an experience the gross anatomy class can be. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege and honor in guiding you on your journey of the human body,” she said.


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