Office of Informatics

About The Office of Informatics

The mission of the Office of Informatics is to promote, implement and support the computing and communication technologies necessary for information interchange.  A System and Applications Manager and a Web Developer staff this facility.  It is responsible for the implementation, support, management and security of providing connectivity, data flow among desktops, workstations, information servers, and other computational and communication devices.  It implements, supports and administers a core of information servers including, File, Application, and Worldwide Web services. It assists in system administration and supports Department research laboratories. It provides computer installation, troubleshooting, and repair, consultation, as well as end-user training and support.

The services provided by the Office of Informatics include:

  1. Administration and security of servers and workstations;
  2. Administration of server applications;
  3. Integration, installation, support, and repair of workstations (and related peripheral devices);
  4. Network administration and support;
  5. Application development and support;
  6. Desktop publishing, website publishing, and related pre- and post-production support for lecture material and multimedia content used in several of the department’s academic courses;
  7. World Wide Web development, coordination, and support; and
  8. Assistance in the purchase of all information technology needs

The office currently maintains several Microsoft Windows servers providing file and print server services, and FileMaker database. Additionally, the Office of Informatics functions as a bridge between the needs of the Department for information technology and the Institutional information technology infrastructure.

Ismael PerezIsmael Perez

Systems and Applications Manager

Phone: (713) 500-5576





John ConchaJohn Concha

Web Developer III

Phone: (713) 500-5542