Pre & Post Awards

Tresa Beverly-Prince Tresa Beverly-Prince

Program Manager, Research

Phone: (713) 500-6548

Email: Tresa Beverly-Prince


Grant Submissions Checklist

Due 30 Days before submission deadline

    • Obtain agency account access (eRA Commons,, AHA, eBrap, Proposal Central)
    • Confirm/verify PI has UTHealth START Access or SetUp
    • Program Announcement

Due 14 Days before submission deadline (30 days for Subcontracts)

    • Discuss and finalize budget with Tresa Beverly-Prince
    • PI submits Budget Justification or Personnel Justification
    • Leadership Plan (MultiPI applications only)
    • PHS Assignment Request
    • Biosketches
    • Documents for proposals
      1. Project Narrative
      2. Letter of intent*
      3. Scope of Work*
      4. Copy of institution’s indirect cost rate agreement*
      5. Multi-PI Leadership Plan*
      6. Biosketches for key personnel
      7. Budget
      8. Budget justification
      9. Facilities & other resources
      10. Human Subjects
      11. Equipment
      12. PHS Assignment Request
*Include if applicable
    • PI completes responses to Review & Approval Form: Institutional Compliance & intellectual property
    • Diana Parker creates UTHealth START (for proposal routing)
    • Diana Parker completes other sections of the Review & Approval Form, obtains signatures and prepares pdf for upload in UTHealth START.

Due 10 Days before submission deadline

    • Diana Parker routes proposal via UTHealth START for review and approval to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)

Due 7 Days before submission deadline

    • Confirm proposal reviewer

Due 5 Days before submission deadline

    • Confirm proposal approval status
    • Letters of Support

Due 3 Days before submission deadline

    • Abstract
    • Bibliography/References
    • Research Plan: Specific Aims, Research Strategy, Vertebrate Animals, Select Agent Research, Resource Sharing Plan, Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources

Due before 12 noon on the submission deadline

    • Any agreed upon pending files
    • Print Forms (merged application files) for review
    • Proposal validations
    • Confirm proposal submission feeds thru systems (UTHealth START, and eRA Commons)
    • Proposal submission confirmation
    • Proposal error free confirmation

NOTE: SPA always encourages submitting a day or two ahead of the deadline.