About the Human Structure Facility

The Human Structure Facility:

  • Manages the custody and assignment of human cadavers;
  • Is responsible for receiving, embalming, preparing, storing and maintaining the cadavers received as medical science body donations through theĀ Willed Body Program;
  • Supplies McGovern Medical School teaching laboratories with materials needed for instruction; and
  • Maintains human anatomical tissue used by the University and approved medical institutions

Kurt E. ClarkKurt Clark

Manager, Anatomical Services

Phone: (713) 500-6154

Email: Kurt.E.Clark@uth.tmc.edu



David H. HernDavid Hern

Anatomical Embalmer

Phone: (713) 500-6156

Email: David.H.Hern@uth.tmc.edu

David Hern joined the Human Structure Facility in June 2006, as an Anatomical Embalmer. While performing duties of accepting donors, preparing them for study and setting up the labs, Mr. Hern enjoys meeting all of the first year students and physicians that perform labs in our facilities.

Eric TodashEric Todash

Anatomical Embalmer

Phone: (713) 500-0667

Email: Eric.Todash@uth.tmc.edu



Leonard J. Cleary, Ph.D.

Faculty Director, Human Structure Facility

Phone: (713) 500-5631

Email: len.cleary@uth.tmc.edu