Poster Printing

Using our new HP Designjet Z6800 large-format printer, the Office of Communications offers printing and design of research posters with quick and expert turnaround. All posters are printed on glossy photo-quality paper. Poster accessories – including Velcro, push pins, printed proofs, and carrying tubes – also are available.

To submit a poster or to request an estimate, please fill out our job request form.

Price List

Push Pins$2.50
Medium Tube, 3"$10.00
2'x2' Poster Print$64.50
3'x4' Poster Print$148.00
3'x5' Poster Print$179.00
3'x6' Poster Print$211.00
4'x4' Poster Print$190.00
4'x5' Poster Print$232.00
4'x6' Poster Print$273.50
4'x8' Poster Print$357.00

For additional poster sizes or other items, contact us at


Normal turnaround time for printing a poster is 2 working days. Priority Service is available for clients requesting posters with less than a two-working-day turnaround. Priority Service will be charged as the cost of the poster + 50%.



The Office of Communications have produced a set of templates for help in creating your posters. By using the following templates, your poster will look professional, be easy to read, and you will save time. Click on your poster size for the correct template.


3’x4′ Template3’x5′ Template3’x6′ Template

4’x4′ Template4’x5′ Template4’x6′ Template4’x8′ Template


Types of File Submissions Accepted

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat (pdf)


Help Eliminate Printing Issues

In Microsoft PowerPoint, please do not use the transparency function and refrain from using the MS PowerPoint automatic drop shadow on your poster. This can result in printing problems. Also refrain from grouping several items together (ie.: text, chart, boxes). This can result in printing problems.


Design Help

If you are unable to create your poster, we offer services to design the poster for you. The extra cost for this service will be the standard hourly design rate of $75. Also, allow at least two EXTRA days of design time for us to complete your project.