Secondary Antibody Stock

Donkey Anti-Dylight 405
blueAlexa 488
near redAlexa 594
orangeAlexa 647
far red

Guinea Pig

The Imaging Module of the Vision Core Grant maintains a full inventory of secondary antibodies. Thus, we maintain stocks of donkey secondaries against mouse, rabbit, goat, guinea pig, sheep and chick primaries with a full range of fluorochromes. We are continually evaluating new fluorochromes but our current preferred choices for multi-channel confocal microscopy are Dylight 405, Alexa 488, Cy-3, Alexa 594, and Alexa 647. In addition, we maintain a stock of streptavidin conjugates for the detection of Neurobiotin, commonly used for intracellular dye injection and the study of coupled networks.

The secondary stocks are maintained in Dr. Massey’s lab and may be accessed after confocal training has been completed. They are kept as 1mg/ml stocks in 50% glycerol to prevent freezing. Aliquots may be removed using an Eppendorf pipette with a clean tip. These stocks are freely available to members of the Vision Core Group. Most are obtained from Jackson ImmunoResearch and further information is available on their website. Please notify Dr. Massey or Joyce Keung if any stocks are low. Please consult Dr. Massey concerning the best choice of secondary antibodies.

For the optimal choice of secondary antibody and multiple labeling strategies, please see the Primer on Confocal Microscopy.