Electron Microscopy Laboratories Research

Our laboratory uses high resolution electron cryomicroscopy to explore the biology of alphavirus replication including assembly and the host-virus interactions that are necessary for infection.

Services Offered

We offer complete electron microscopy services from our laboratory in McGovern Medical School located in Houston’s Texas Medical Center.  These include

  • specimen fixation, processing, embedding
  • thick sections for selection of appropriate areas for EM
  • ultrathin sectioning and post-staining
  • imaging with a JEOL 1200EX Electron Microscope equipped with a Gatan Digital Imaging System
  • immunoelectron microscopy, negative staining, shadowing, special stains, and cryoelectron microscopy services are also available.


  • EM Lab fee schedule – 8/2010
  • EM Lab Sevice Request Form – 8/2010

Dr. Jun Liu
Cryo-Electron Microscopy Services