The pediatric surgery fellows’ conference schedule:

Tuesdays: Fetal conference (weekly)
Wednesdays: Surgery/GI (monthly, 1st Wednesday)
Surgery/NICU(monthly, 2nd Wednesday)
Surgery/Pathology/Radiology/Tumor (monthly, 3rd Wednesday)
Thursdays: Fellows Conference (weekly)
Pediatric Surgery M&M (weekly)
Journal Club (monthly)

Required core conferences

Fetal Conference

Surgery/GI Conference
Monthly conference with pediatric surgery and gastrointestinal faculty and fellows. Each service presents interesting cases for open discussion regarding medical and surgical management of common Gl diseases. This multidisciplinary conference often results in interesting consults and problem-solving discussions of complex clinical scenarios.

Surgery NICU Conference

Surgery/Pathology/Radiology/Tumor Conference
This is a monthly, multidisciplinary conference attended by pediatric pathologists, pediatric radiologists, pediatric surgical faculty, fellows, residents and students. Interesting cases are presented and discussed.

Pediatric Surgery Fellows’ Conference
Weekly topic and case-based, this is a fellow-led conference covering all major topics in pediatric surgery over a 2-year curriculum that includes ethics. The lead fellow is responsible for a board-oriented, literature-based topic review, a conference pre-test, and preparing cases to be presented with designated faculty in an oral board format.  This conference can also include video sessions where rarely performed procedures are presented and discussed by fellows and faculty.

Pediatric Surgery M&M
The Morbidity and Mortality conference is held weekly in the Department of Pediatric Surgery. Students, residents, fellows, and faculty attend, where surgical cases from the previous week are listed and reviewed, as are complications and deaths occurring during that week. The information gleaned from this teaching conference is invaluable in achieving the education goals of the program.

Journal Club

Weekly Meeting with Dr. Lally
The pediatric surgery fellows meet individually with Dr. Lally on a weekly basis. This is an informal meeting where each resident is provided the opportunity to discuss the program, projects, upcoming events, career goals and any problems they may be experiencing.

Monthly Meeting with Program Director and Assistant Program Director
The pediatric surgery fellows meet individually with Dr. Tsao and Dr. Austin on a monthly basis. This is an informal meeting where each resident is provided the opportunity to discuss any elective rotation interests, issues they may be experiencing running our service or any topic they would like to discuss.

Other conferences:
Fellows are also highly encouraged to attend the weekly Department of Surgery Grand Rounds and M&M, Pediatric Trauma M&M, ECMO rounds, and other multi-disciplinary conferences offered by MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Hermann Hospital.



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